Kent Middle School: 5th – 6th Grades

Fifth & Sixth Grade Programs

Middle Student and Tutor at Whiteboard

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays: 3:45-5:45pm

Cost: $80 per 2 Hour Session. Month to month basis.

The Kent Middle School Tutoring Program provides focused tutoring in all levels of mathematics, and can also provide test preparation, project work and homework completion assistance with science, English, Spanish and history classes. We offer a 1:3 ratio of tutor to student, and are able to individualize our instruction for greater success as a result.

Student with Headphones

Mathematics Programs

We have been tutoring Kent students in the Math 5 and Math 6 mathematics programs for the past four years, and have a thorough understanding of the content of these courses. Our Math 5 and Math 6 tutoring programs help students to focus on accuracy in their problem solving, and also work to strengthen underlying conceptual understandings of key concepts at these grade levels. We review mathematics vocabulary, which is central to success, and provide students with individual “problems of the day” at each session to reinforce learning of concepts over time. We encourage critical thinking skills, and support different approaches to correct solutions through the use of our white boards and small group problem solving.

History, Spanish, English and Science Programs

Middle School Student doing Math

Kentfield Tutoring has a complete set of science, history and Spanish textbooks available, and also makes a set of Wordly Wise workbooks available for student use. In addition to textbooks, we stock many of the books required for summer and school year reading, and assist students with the completion of grade level assignments such as the Egypt Report (6th). Melisa Larson, our Assistant Manager, is fluent in Spanish and many of our tutors were A+ students at Kent in all subjects, and are well qualified to offer assistance, and insight, in these areas.

5th and 6th Grade Books