Junior Academy: 2nd – 4th Grades

Junior Academy

Fourth Grade: $60 per 1.5 hour session. Month to month basis.

Third Grade: $40 per 1 hour session. Month to month basis.

Second Grade: $40 per 1 hour session. Month to month basis.

Junior  Academy Flashcards

Second, 3rd and 4th grade programs focus on strengthening underlying core mathematical understanding. We work with key concepts that become increasingly important in later grades, and support the development of mental math capabilities which have been linked with long term success in mathematics. We include complicated, multistep problems at all grade levels to build student tolerance for longer, more involved problems, and to encourage individual approaches to correct solutions. We enjoy problem solving at Kentfield Tutoring, and seek to create a similar excitement for reasoning in the students with whom we work.

Fourth Grade

Junior Academy Student at Whiteboard

Fourth grade groups reinforce mathematics included in Bacich classrooms and also introduce new middle school concepts in preparation for 5th grade. We use white boards to solve problems as a group and show how different approaches can lead to correct answers. Concepts covered include: prime numbers, division, estimation, place value, fractions, decimals, coordinate graphing and order of operations. We also use visual strategies to solve word problems and review and solidify math facts and key mathematics vocabulary.

Third Grade

Junior Academy Students

Third grade groups use “project books” to teach mathematics within a meaningful context that students design. These books can be quite “messy”, but allow students to use math from the inside out, rather than from the outside in. They design houses, create pet stores and plan weddings using the concepts that we are studying. We also begin each session with several “problems of the day” that reflect concepts being taught in the classroom, and on – going key mathematical ideas. We practice finding values on numbers lines, modeling and graphing fractions, math facts, addition, subtraction and simple multiplication. We also become familiar with formulas used in Geometry and review important mathematics vocabulary.

Second Grade

Tutor using Materials

Second grade groups use hands on materials to enhance student understanding of number concept, patterns in math, place value and fractions. Students create and label patterns using variables, break down numbers into blocks of 100’s, 10’s and 1’s and learn to recognize and understand place value by creating “number scrolls”. Students also learn about geometry by building and naming three dimensional shapes and practice “math facts” in fun ways that enhance retention and competence.