Our Tutors

Maya G.

Maya. Kentfield Tutoring Tutor

Maya G. is a Junior at St. Ignatius College Preparatory in the city. Maya has completed Accelerated Algebra, Accelerated Geometry, and is currently enrolled in Pre-Calculus Accelerated mathematics. She is in her third year of Honors English, and also is taking AP Spanish and AP United States History. Maya has played two year on the school soccer team, is a two year speech and debate team member, and has been published as both a writer and a poet.

Sam L.

Sam. Kentfield Tutoring Tutor

Sam L. is a senior at San Francisco University High School who currently takes Chaos Theory, Advanced Physics, and Honors English. He has completed AP Calculus BC, AP United States History, and AP Computer Science. He also captains the UHS lacrosse team and tutors for 826 Valencia, a nonprofit in the Mission District.

Maddie P.

Maddie. Kentfield Tutoring Tutor

Maddie P. is a sophomore at Redwood High School and is currently taking AP Statistics, Honors Pre-Calculus, and AP European History. She completed Honors Advanced Algebra in her freshman year, and enjoys math greatly. Maddie is also a team captain for her Marin FC soccer team and plays Varsity soccer at Redwood during the winter.

Cole B.

Cole, Kentfield Tutoring Tutor

Cole B. is currently attending UCLA as a Physics major and tutors between quarters at Kentfield Tutoring. Cole was a Distinguished AP Scholar and Commended National Merit Scholar. He earned 5’s on the AP Physics Electricity and Magnetism, AP Calculus AB, AP Environmental Science, AP Micro and Macro Economics and AP Statistics exams, and earned 4’s on the AP Calculus BC, AP Physics Mechanics, and AP U.S. History exams. Cole earned a perfect score on the SAT Physics subject test and a 35 on the science and English sections of the ACT exam. He enjoys mathematics, science and reading, and will be tutoring during the months that he is back in Kentfield from college. Cole graduated from Redwood High School in 2016.

Cooper B.

Cooper. Kentfield Tutoring Tutor

Cooper B. is a junior at Redwood High School. He is currently enrolled in AP Spanish Literature, AP U.S. History, AP Composition, Honor Pre-Calculus and Physics. He has completed AP Spanish, AP European History, and Algebra II Honors. He has also lived in Spain and is fluent in Spanish, earning a 5 on the AP exam. He plays on the Redwood soccer team and enjoys playing basketball as well. He completed a “Process of Law” course at Cal this summer and looks forward to working with tutoring students this year at Kentfield Tutoring.


Ethan. Kentfield Tutoring Tutor

Ethan T. is a senior currently attending Tamiscal High School. He is currently enrolled in Calculus 3 at College of Marin. He has taken AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, and AP Euro as well as Honors Physics and Honors Pre-Calculus. He was on the speech and debate team for three years and was a member of the boys JV soccer team for two years. Ethan likes to travel and has participated in three service trips to South America during his time in High School.

Hannah W.

Hannah. Kentfield Tutoring Tutor

Hannah W. is a junior at Redwood High School and is currently enrolled in AP Calculus AB, AP US History, and Honors Spanish. She’s completed AP European History and Honors Pre-Calculus. Along with academics, Hannah also enjoys theater and is currently in Advanced Drama.

Kevin G.

Kevin, Kentfield Tutoring Tutor

Kevin G. is currently enrolled in AP Computer Programming, AP European History, Honors Pre-Calculus and Chemistry. He is a past winner of the Marin County Science Fair Grand Prize for his design and construction of a parabolic reflector. He also has extensive experience working on computers and builds and repairs them as a hobby in his spare time. Kevin has worked with students in the past as a tutor at Scratch Day in the Dixie School District and as a GATE computer programming tutor at Miller Creek Middle School. Kevin is also a member of the Redwood High School Chess Club.

Melanie K.

Melanie. Kentfield Tutoring Tutor

Melanie K. is a junior at The Branson School. She is currently enrolled in US History Honors, British Literature Honors, and Italian III Honors. She completed Roots of Civilization Honors and Modern World History Honors last year. She is a member of the Interact Club and the Conversation Club at Branson. She started a program called IKETIA which works with elementary students in local communities, and strives to improve their education through improvisational acting. Melanie enjoys horseback riding and shows competitively, and has earned straight A’s during her time at Branson.

Zac P.

Zac. Kentfield Tutoring Tutor

Zac P. is working on his senior thesis in Mathematics at UCSC. He attended high school in Palos Verdes, California and now lives in Kentfield. Zac was a National AP Scholar and a Commended National Merit Scholar. He earned 5’s on the AP Environmental Science, AP U.S. History, AP Biology, AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics exams and earned 4’s on the AP Human Geography, AP Physics Mechanics, AP Physics Electricity and Magnetism and AP Psychology exams. Zac earned perfect scores on the mathematics section of the ACT, the mathematics subject test for the SAT and the Quantitative section of the GRE. He tutored at UCSC and graded for the head of the Mathematics Department as well.

Natasha A.


Natasha A. is a junior at Redwood High School, and the president of Body Positive, a club promoting self love and intuitive eating and lifestyle. She is also in the Friendship Club and Special Olympics where she helps out and plays with kids with special needs. She was in the Thrift 4 Hope club additionally, where the club had a clothes drive and sells the clothes in December and June, donating all the money to different charities. In middle school, she was a Salutatorian. She takes art at school, which has included ceramics, drawing and painting, and graphic design. Outside of school, she dances (jazz and contemporary) and makes jewelry. She takes chemistry and AP Comp, and is in Pre-Calculus.